What does Posture have to do with Foam Rolling?


Hi everyone, my name is Andrew Lengerich. I’m a physical therapist here at AID Performance Physical Therapy. Today I just want to give a little talk about some exercises you can do. An easy exercise, in particular, you can do at the gym to help combat poor posture, as we have a society that sits more in front of computers, and iPads, and phones, just a few things you can do to help combat that poor posture. As we know, sitting at our desks we tend to have a more slouched, rounded, forward posture here, causes a lotta tightness across the chest, and then poor mobility in the thoracic spine. So today I just wanna talk about an easy exercise you can do in the gym, at home, anywhere where you have a foam roller to help open up that chest and restore good posture.


So what you wanna do, you wanna grab your foam roller, lie it on the floor here. And then what you’re gonna do is lie on it perpendicular, arms up over your head, flare your elbows back to help open up that chest, and then you’re gonna roll through the spine here, keeping the neck supported with the hands so you’re not putting too much strain on the neck. And you wanna make sure you’re not just on here for 30 seconds. You wanna make sure you roll between three and five minutes to help really restore the mobility in the spine and open up that chest. So there’s your tip to help improve your posture throughout the day and while you’re at the gym. Thanks.

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