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Can Sleep effect weight loss…..

The Simple answer is YES!!!!!

More sleep can help you lose weight, burn body fat, boost your metabolism, decrease hunger hormones and decrease your calorie intake when dieting.

For improved body composition…..

The above points are a perfect combo, along with diet, exercise, and a perfect supplement regime to almost guarantee that YOU reach your weight loss goal.

From a couple of studies I have found that looked at fat loss, they’ve found a clear correlation between the amount of sleep and the amount of fat you lose. In fact, these studies have demonstrated that a short sleep duration is one of the biggest contributors in obesity.


Sleeps EFFECT Muscle Performance

Sleep can be considered as important to nutrition and exercise for muscle performance!

You may notice that your gym motivation is severely effected following a lack of sleep, this is due to its HUGE affect on your brain, hormones.

Apart from decreased gym performance……

……Poor or Shortened sleep will affect key muscle-building factors such as:

  • Dietary choices,
  • Gym performance
  • Increased fatigue in workouts, and decrease energy, focus, motivation
  • Blood sugar control
  • Increased inflammation
  • Recovery capabilities and more


Sleep & Health

As already mentioned, sleep can affect many aspects of your body’s physiology and metabolism, from hormones, brain function, nutrient partitioning, insulin function, gut health and more.

Combined, these factors will literally make or break your health. If you optimize them, expect a long and healthy life, reduced disease risk and generally increased the quality of life every day. However, if you fail to focus on these areas, your chances of serious disease such as heart disease and diabetes are quickly increased. Additionally, decreased brain function can then extend into lifestyle choices, unhealthy eating habits and even business, personal, financial and family life.

When researching, one analysis found those that slept less than 6 hours per night had drastically increased the chance of developing heart disease or stroke.

Another study, tested sleep’s immediate effects on markers of diabetes, such as blood sugar (carb) tolerance and insulin function. These 2 aspects are key for muscle growth, fat loss, and overall health. After just 6 days, those that had 4 hours of sleep per night started to develop symptoms of pre-diabetes!


We all know someone who can be completely different when they’ve had a bad night’s sleep; as you can now see, sleep literally affects all aspects of life, all day, every day.




Here are some TIPS and TRICKS to improve sleep……

  1. Eliminate Blue Light:

Blue light is produced from electronic devices, such as mobiles, tablets, and laptops. Simply eliminating these 2 hours before bed will improve sleep quality, duration, and even hormone production.

  1. Optimize Your Diet:

Simple steps to optimize your diet include not being too hungry or too full before you head to bed. Make sure you eat a decent meal a couple of hours before bed and have a high protein and light carb/fat snack to finish off to feed your muscles while you sleep (to be discussed in a later blog).

  1. Take Supplements:

If you are really struggling with sleep, short-term use of supplements may provide you with some immediate help while you work on long-term solutions. Supplements ZMA and melatonin can all be beneficial.

  1. Meditate:

Meditation and other relaxing techniques are a personal favorite of Kris and can help clear your mind, reduce anxiety, increase relaxation and drastically improve sleep quality.

  1. Optimize Your Bedroom:

Although it may be less obvious, lots of factors in your bedroom environment will directly affect your sleep quality. Invest in your sleep and get a high-quality mattress, pillows, reduce lights, keep the room temperature cool, eliminate noise etc.


Take Home Message:

Sleep really is a vital factor in your health and physique. Arguably, sleep is just as important as factors such as diet and exercise – after all, good sleep will help you optimize everything else in your muscle-building regime.

Remember, just one night of bad sleep will cause instant issues, so focus on a good night’s sleep every day and take the necessary steps to optimize it.



Matthew DiFede, PT, DPT

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