The Truth about Common Myths Associated with Low Back Pain

1. Lower back pain means you cannot lift weights.

People with low back pain often think that lifting heavy weights will increase their pain. While lifting light or heavy weights can increase low back pain the most important factor is not the weight of the object but the technique used to lift. The most important thing to consider when lifting is using proper mechanics to avoid increased stress on your low back. Consulting with a physical therapist can help you identify poor lifting mechanics and correct your form to decrease risk of re-injury.

2. Bed rest will make your back pain go away.

While some period of rest for an acutely injured low back may make the pain subside this is not a long-term fix for the cause of low back pain. Back pain is a recurring issue that needs to be addressed with improving mobility, core strength, and addressing issues such as lifting mechanics and posture. If you are having recurring pain consulting with a physical therapist can identify flaws that cause back pain.

3. Exercise is bad for your lower back.

A sedentary lifestyle is much worse for your overall health than being active hence the new slogan “Sitting is the new smoking”. This is true for low back health as well. Lifting and exercising with poor form can cause injury to your low back however, getting on an exercise routine appropriate for you will allow for good bone, muscle, and joint health leading to decreased pain and risk for injury.

4. Pain medications and injections are the best treatments for back pain.

Pain medications and steroid injections are common treatments for low back pain they do not give a long-term fix for the issue. While medication and injections can decrease pain in the short term the side effects of long-term use is huge concern. Going to see a physical therapist can help alleviate your pain and get you on a program that will give you the tools needed to control your symptoms and return to full activity.

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