Meet The AID Performance Physical Therapy Team

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Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

Owner and Founder

Andrew has been living and working in Loudoun County since 2004. He previously worked at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland and Binh Tran’s Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Washington, DC. Having had enough of the city, he decided to take his brand of physical therapy out to the suburbs of Virginia where he opened his first PT clinic, Arthritis and Sports Physical Therapy (in Sterling). After two years there he decided it was time to go out on his own in 2006 and set up AID Performance Physical Therapy.

Andrew works extensively with all his physical therapists and spends a vast amount of his time ensuring our treatment plans keep pace with the rapid advancements that make physical therapy so effective and such a 'go-to' profession for people aged 35-64.

Andrew famously worked with many of Washington DC’s finest from the everyman up to the titans of industry and politics. Also while at PTSM he had the opportunity to work exclusively with some of the finest athletes and performers who were in town performing at Kennedy Center.

Andrew enjoys working with athletes of all ages and is now the team physical therapist for the Broad Run High School Spartans football team as well as many of their other school sports. He does not limit himself to just the Spartans, he proudly works with many of the top athletes from the surrounding Ashburn high schools like Briar Woods, Rockridge, John Champe, Freedom, and Stone Bridge. He is a specialist in treating the lower back, hip, knee, ankle and shoulder. Andrew is excellent at empathizing with his clients as he has lived through a myriad of injuries in his life including breaking his ankle, wrist and thumb, spraining his ankles, wrists and shoulders, straining his lower back, neck, quads and hamstrings, pulled and torn muscles, as well as undergoing lower back surgery at 17 (ending his football playing career) and knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. Having been through all of these injuries throughout out his life, Andrew is a rare expert in understanding the psyche of returning to your sport after injury. Helping people stay active and giving back to his community are his passions. These characteristics have helped Andrew become an expert Physical Therapist and his clinic become the premier clinic for runners in Northern Virginia.

Andrew is a very proud Dad of a beautiful girl named Eden, and when he's not at work, or spending time with his wife Tanya and daughter Eden, you can likely find him in the gym, on his bike, in a swimming pool or out on the streets running. In his spare time, Andrew helps coach his daughter’s basketball team and formerly was one of her Recreational Soccer Team Coaches.

Fact: Ask Andrew about how he helped a young baseball Pitcher become the first major league pitcher to ever come back from a medial flexor tendon (the muscles on the inside of his right elbow) re-attachment procedure.

Qualifications: PT, MSPT, CMTPT
 Manhassett, NY
 Gaithersburg and Germantown, MD
Now lives:
 Ashburn, VA


Place: Charleston, SC
 Restaurant Marvin, Washington, DC
 The Beach 
 Florence, Italy, and NYC
TV show:
 Big Bang Theory
 Swingers and Shawshank Redemption
 Billy Joel and Pearl Jam
 Ken Griffey Jr.
 The Natural.
 Redskins, Capitals, Nationals (Yes he is a “homer”)
 Running, playing with his daughter, watching Football and Hockey, playing poker

Andrew Dombek

Andrew Lengerich, PT, DPT, CMTPT

Senior Physical Therapist

Andrew Lengerich, PT, DPT, CMTPT is originally from Cincinnati, OH. In 2010 he earned his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from Miami University in Oxford, OH. Throughout his time at Miami University he worked as a volunteer coach for grade school basketball teams in Butler County. Upon graduation he began the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2013. Throughout his time at the University of Dayton he was able to travel to China in an exchange program with Nanjing Medical University. He was also able to complete an independent study with the University of Kentucky men's basketball team examining injury prevention and return to sport in elite athletes. Prior to coming to AID Performance Physical Therapy Andrew worked in Fayetteville North Carolina with active duty military. Andrew specializes in working with athletes of all ages and ability recover from musculoskeletal injuries of all types. His favorite injuries to treat are low back and hip injuries, using a full body evaluation to get to the true cause of the injury.

Andrew recently got married in Cleveland Ohio to his wife Emma who is also a physical therapist. In his spare time he enjoys running, reading, and spending time in the woods camping and hiking with his wife Emma and dog Stella.

Qualifications: PT, DPT, CMTPT
Born: Cincinnati, Ohio
Raised: Cincinnati Ohio
Now lives: Fairfax, VA


Place: St. Simon Island, Georgia
Restaurant: Bardia’s New Orleans Café, Washington DC
Food: Seafood
Vacation: Mountains
City: Beijing China
TV show: Justified
Movie: Ferris Buellers Day Off and Good Will Hunting
Singer/Group: Anything but country music
Celebrity: Ryan Reynolds
Book: The Girl on the Train
Sports: College basketball
Team: Cincinnati Bengals, Xavier Basketball, Cincinnati Reds
Hobbies: Running, hiking, back country camping, watching college basketball and football

Andrew Lengerich

Matthew DiFede, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Matt has a passion for making a difference to people’s lives and is one of our top Sports Physical Therapists. He has a proven track record for the fast recovery of muscle injuries, and is expertly trained in Dry Needling. He enjoys treating muscle or sports injury, lower pack problem, shoulder or knee issues. Matt is the 'go-to' expert in treating kids for miles around and will be great for you. Matt has experienced numerous injuries including a back injury which caused him to miss his final lacrosse season at the University of Delaware.

Matt had the chance to be a part of a sports medicine team which included DO, Sports Psychologist, and strength coaches to best treat Division 2 athletes at Nova Southeastern University. This gave Matt a wealth of knowledge on how to integrate Manual therapy with the strength and conditioning goals of his clients.

You can email Matt here:

Tip: When you're with Matt for treatment, talk to him about his nutrition and diet plans and the ways he can help you get fitter, stronger and faster than anyone else around.

Qualifications: DPT from University of Miami, CMTPT
Born: Santa Maria, California
Raised: Hauppuage(Long Island), NY
Now lives: Herndon, VA


Place: Savannah, GA
Restaurant: Smokehouse Live/Buffalo Wild Wing
Food: BBQ
Vacation: Negril, Jamaica
TV show: Game of Thrones, Ray Donovan
Film: Boondock Saints, Tommy Boy, Rocky (all of them except 5)
Singer/Group: Jason Aldean
Celebrity: Dwayne “The Rock’ Johnson
Book: Lone Survivor
Sports: Lacrosse, Golf, Hockey, Basketball, Football
Team: New York Rangers, Miami Dolphins
Hobbies: Golf, Gym, playing with my 2 year Siberian Husky

Matthew DiFede

Susie Hansen


Susie was born and raised in Boise, Idaho and graduated from University of Idaho with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology/Business. Post-graduation she has had several career opportunities including managing a large retail business, corporate representative for Boeing Aerospace and personal trainer/group fitness instructor. Susie is married and has twin boys who attend college in Virginia.

Susie decided to take on a new career in physical therapy because she has always been active and has been a patient herself. She understands how important it is to be able to return to activity as soon as possible. During her time as a Physical Therapist Assistant she has worked with athletes who are trying to get back to their sport as well as recreational athletes who are trying to return to activities they enjoy. Susie is passionate about educating and empowering her patients so they can get back to and continue doing what they enjoy.

When Susie is not working she enjoys lifting weights, swinging kettlebells and doing HIIT as well as she likes to play golf and travel.

Qualifications: BS, LPTA
 Boise, Idaho
 Boise, Idaho
Has lived in: Seattle, San Francisco, Tulsa, Memphis, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Hilton Head Island
Now lives: Ashburn Virginia


Place: The ocean
Mon Ami Gabi
TV show: 
Big Bang Theory, Law and Order - all of them
Forest Gump, Miss Congeniality
 Harry Potter
Football, Hockey, Soccer, Golf
Pittsburgh Steelers/Penguins, Washington Capitals, Liverpool
Gym/kettlebell training, Golf

Susie Hansen

Christina Le


Christina joined AID Performance Physical Therapy in April 2017. She graduated from Virginia Tech with an undergrad degree in Human, Nutrition, Food and Exercise and plans on going to grad school for Physical Therapy. She currently lives at home with her mom and hopes that one day she can help support her. In her free time, Christina loves working out at the gym and is studying to be certified as a personal trainer on the side. She loves anything that keeps her active and healthy.

Tip: Ask Christina about her deadlift. She loves working on legs/lower body for hours at the gym.

Born: Annandale, Virginia
Now lives:
 Leesburg, Virginia


Place: California
 Sushi Noshi
 Pizza and sushi
 San Francisco
TV Show:
 New Girl
 Chris Brown
 Ali Wong
 Washington Redskins
 Working out, Drinking wine with friends

Christina Le

Melissa Baldwin

Licensed Massage Therapist

After working in the telecom industry for over 18 years Melissa decided that she finally needed to leave Corporate America and go back to school for something she loves doing. She became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2015 after many years of helping friends and family with tight muscles and pain management. Melissa is also a Group Exercise Instructor specializing in Strength Training, Cardio Conditioning and Flexibility. Melissa enjoys massaging all body types but specializes in working with people who have tension causing posture issues and athletes of all kinds.

Melissa is a very proud mother of two boys, Kaleb & Kyle and girl, Olivia who keep her spare time very busy. When Melissa is not massaging she is teaching various fitness classes, hiking, swimming, walking and running and is currently training for her 2nd Marathon.

Qualifications: LMT
Born: Elmira, NY
Now Lives: Ashburn, VA


Place: Anywhere near the water, especially the ocean
Restaurant: Mokomandy in Sterling
Food: I love it all!
Holiday: Halloween
City: Oahu
TV show: Supernatural & The Walking Dead
Film: Practical Magic & The Lord of the Rings Series
Singer/Group: Anything Except Country
Celebrity: I don't really have one favorite
Book: The Outsiders
Sports: Football & Hockey
Team: Buffalo Bills
Hobbies: Reading, Running, Hiking, Swimming

Melissa Baldwin

Jennifer Travis

Office Manager

Jennifer joined AID Performance Physical Therapy in October. Expertly trained in managing and growing medical practices while also ensuring quality patient care and customer satisfaction. Jen has been working in the healthcare industry her whole life. Prior to joining the AID team, Jen was the office manager for one of the busiest pain management practices in Northern Virginia. One of the most important things to her is helping people improve their quality of life however she possibly can. When she is not in the office, Jen enjoys spending time with her family, friends or boxing with her trainer.

You can email her directly for answers to any questions

Tip: Ask Jen about her own back injuries. Jen suffered an injury to her cervical spinal cord which ultimately required her to undergo surgery in the summer of 2016. She is back to enjoying life without medication thanks to a great medical team including her surgeon and physical therapist.

Born: Massachusetts
Now lives: 


Place: Outer Banks North Carolina
The Melting Pot
4th of July
TV show: 
Below Deck 
New Kids on the Block (don’t judge)
Helene Bonham Carter
The Divergent Series
Boston Red Sox
Boxing with my trainer

Jennifer Travis

Brian Vien

Physical Therapy Aide

Brian has started out as one of our PT Aides at the clinic and is trained on the various exercises taught at the clinic. Acting as an extra set of eyes for the therapists, he often assists them with the set up and demonstration of functional movement exercises. This allows the therapists to spend more specialized time working on manual treatments! Very team oriented, you may see him helping out at the front desk during peak hours as well!

Tip: Ask Brian about his road trip adventures last summer! He literally drove across the states and up and down the east coast and has lots of adventure stories!

Born: Northern Virginia
Now lives: Northern Virginia


Place: Colorado
Restaurant: The Village Cafe
Food: Seafood
Holiday: Thanksgiving
City: Los Angeles
TV show: The Big Bang Theory
Film: Pearl Harbor
Singer/Group: Linkin Park
Celebrity: Will Smith
Book: The Catcher In the Rye
Sports: Football

Brian Vien

Allison Tepper

Nutrition Coach & Dietitian

Allison Tepper is a Registered Dietitian with extensive nutrition counseling experience working with needs ranging from weight loss, weight gain, nutrition therapy for disease states, emotional eating, IBS, food allergies, disordered eating and more.

She began her career working at a Virginia-based counseling company and soon after became the Dietitian for Georgetown University. There she provided support and nutrition counseling to students, sports teams, faculty and staff with special dietary needs, food allergies or for those who wanted to improve or maintain their overall health. She currently serves on the faculty for the Department of Health Studies at American University, while managing her private practice.

Allison is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals through an overall lifestyle approach that is unique to each individual. Her focus is not on weight loss, but creating healthy lifestyle changes through mindful eating, where the additional benefit is achieving a desirable weight. Her belief in a non-diet approach led her to obtain her certification in Intuitive Eating in 2013 to help clients create a healthy relationship with food. She believes in finding a healthy balance instead of eliminating food groups or depriving yourself of your favorite foods. She also believes that nutrition isn’t just about food, but your entire lifestyle as well. Taking care of yourself through exercise, body acceptance, adequate sleep and healthy eating are all components of living a healthy life and her goal is to help individuals and groups find what works best for their personal lifestyles and needs.

Qualifications: MS, RD, LDN
Born: Bayshore, NY
Raised: Bellport, NY/Boca Raton, FL
Now lives: Ashburn, VA


Place: Hawaii
Restaurant: Zaytinya in Washington, DC
Food: Mediterranean
Holiday: Christmas
City: Charleston, SC
TV show: New Girl
Movie: Across the Universe
Singer/Group: Sam Smith
Celebrity: Reese Witherspoon
Book: We Were Liars
Sports: Basketball
Team: Syracuse Orange
Hobbies: Baking, hiking and exploring

Allison Tepper