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Hi everyone, this is Andrew Lengerich from AID Performance Physical Therapy, and today I just wanna talk about some exercises for runners to make sure that they’re staying away from injuries and really getting the most out of their training. So on the days that you’re not out putting in the long miles, it’s good work on single leg balance activities. Running is essentially just a series of single leg jumps, so really working on dynamic single leg balance is gonna be critical for maintaining good form and also maintaining, you know, a healthy training regimen without injuries. So today just gonna talk about a single leg dead-lift and how to do it properly and the importance of really single leg activity.

So the first thing I want you to do is I want everyone to be barefoot while they’re doing this, and you’re gonna just stand on one leg and you’re gonna make sure knee is slightly bent, knee is in line with your toes, and then you’re gonna hinge at the hips and come straight forward. Back stays nice and flat, and then when you come up you’re gonna squeeze your glute and pull yourself back up. So here’s a couple of ’em. All right. So there. It’s important for Gluteal (glute) strength and core strength to really maintain a flat back, neutral spine, and then really engaging those Glute to pull back up. So on the days when you’re not out running, go ahead and give this a shot. And you can always add weights, and kettle-bells

, and things to that as you get better and better with it. So, everybody have a great day.

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