Is Your Partner’s Back Pain Killing Your Chances of Getting Lucky? This is a Must Read!

Is date night coming up?

Is the house empty because the kids are playing at the neighbors?

Maybe you came home early to surprise your partner?

Or ….

Do you have an itch that needs scratching?

…As we get older, reality sets in and we don’t want to admit it, but we know that romantic interlude is not going to happen because either you or your partner is going to take a pass because one of you is suffering from debilitating lower back pain.

It could have come from wild sex but more often than not you sit too much, you tried lifting something too heavy, moved in a way your body did not like or you are just old and suffering from the sins and activities of your youth (his Al Bundy football back injury).

Have no fear I am here to tell you that there are ways to have SEX without hurting you or your partners back and you no longer have to worry about suffering (for days after if you do try and don’t do it safely to protect your back).  I will get to the solution and treatment ideas later!

Hell, many of you are the boss at work, manage an entire department or own a business where you or a key employee cannot work because of back pain and it’s costing you money!

“Low back pain (LBP) is the second most common cause of disability in US adults and a common reason for lost workdays. An estimated 149 million days of work per year are lost because of LBP.

The condition is also costly, with total costs estimated to be between $100 and $200 billion annually, two-thirds of which are due to decreased wages and productivity.”

Speaking of money, money troubles can also have a huge effect on you or your partner’s psyche and confidence level which can than effect someone’s performance or lack there of if you know what I mean ;).

Above I mentioned confidence and psyche…Maybe you are mind F@#!ed …psychosocial factors can lead to many issues like pain (that came out of nowhere), someone is unable to get “excited” or someone’s head is not in it.

Poor performance or lack of performance may not be something they are going to talk about with you …if your partner is a man, it is unlikely they can talk to a buddy about it.

Let’s face it men never go to see a doc in the first place unless their wife or girlfriend drags them there or makes the appointment for them because you (the fairer and smarter gender) is tired of listening to them complain about their pain. Hell, studies show that most medical doctors are unlikely to ask if you are still having an active sex life (mine definitely hasn’t).  They especially will not ask whether or not your  current ailment or back pain or headache is affecting your sex life during your next office visit  Back pain or pain anywhere is going to limit anyone’s desire for intimacy or maybe they don’t want to start because they will be in agony for days or weeks …

After a few of my clients have brought this issue to my attention, and after doing some research on this topic, I saw an opportunity to lend a hand in a few areas some may call me an expert in, but right now we are talking about sex and back pain. I have been afflicted by back pain in its many shapes and forms (like pain in my back that arose insidiously after going through some tough times personally). I also have had my football-playing career come to an end, at the ripe age of 17, as a result of back surgery.

The no sex because of my back-pain excuses stop today!  I have helped transform hundreds of lives over my 20 year career as Northern Virginia’s Leading Back Pain Specialist!

If you or someone you know is suffering from back pain, especially back pain that is affecting your chances of being intimate with your partner.  Or you are tired of hearing about your partner being in pain.  Why not start the process about learning how I have helped 1000s of back pain sufferers by clicking here to download my free back pain report »

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Stay tuned for future posts regarding the failures in men’s’ healthcare, positions to safely have sex, and how to help your partner get rid of their headache so you can have sex!!!






P.S. No prescription is needed to come in for Physical Therapy treatment (for most health insurances)!

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Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

Owner and Founder at AID Performance Physical Therapy
Andrew Dombek is a nationally known Physical Therapist and founder of Northern Virginia's Leading Private Physical Therapy Specialist for athletes in their teens,30s, 40sand 50s, who want to keep healthy and active.

You might know Andrew from his early days working in downtown Washington D.C. where he was one of the former physical therapist for the finest athletes and performers in town performing at the Kennedy Center, in shows like Aida (The Timeless Love Story), The Producers, and the Washington Ballet.

Andrew (having been through many injuries throughout out his life), is a rare expert in understanding the psyche of returning to your sport after injury. Helping people stay active and giving back to his community are his passions. These characteristics have helped Andrew become an expert Physical Therapist and his Clinic to become the fastest growing PT clinic in Loudoun County.Over the last several yearshas become the premier physical therapy practice for runners in Northern, Virginia.Where the local running groups like the Ashburn Chapter of Mom's Run This Town as well as the high schools in his area like Broad Runand Briar Woods have retained AID Performance Physical Therapy for treating their runners and athletes.
Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

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