Is Immobility Causing Your Back Pain???

There are a lot of articles out there about back pain, many which talk about sitting or standing too long with poor posture.

While posture certainly can be a factor in the equation, there is another key to reducing stress and pain to your back – MOVEMENT!

We have become increasingly immobile, spending extended periods of time sitting in our cars, at our computers or on our couches.

Recent studies have shown that lack of mobility may be one of the biggest reasons people experience back pain. I hear from patients all the time that they sit all day at a desk and often forget to get up.

There are many movement activities which can easily be done at your desk –try body weight squats or just sitting and standing from your chair several times, marching in place, lean over and touch your toes, reach overhead and try some simple short dynamic stretches.

Incorporating simple, short bouts of functional movement throughout your day will decrease the stress to your back.

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Susie Hansen, PTA

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