How to Stay Motivated for Than Run

Hi, I’m Susie Hansen. I’m a Physical Therapy Assistant here at AID Performance Physical Therapy in Ashburn. Today’s topic is going to be, how to stay motivated for than run, specifically in response to a question from a runner who said, sometimes, you know, they run out of ideas for how to get themselves going.

So, just some of the tips that I… I’ve already encountered this a lot with clients, and usually, what I find out when you talk to people about their workout is, they’re not really doing a variation. So, that’s a big thing. You should try to vary your workout, whether that’s a run, your gym time, whatever. You wanna do something different because if you keep doing the same thing over and over, obviously, it’s gonna lead to burnout, and possibly, even overuse injuries.

So, some of the things that I would suggest are, to start with, first and foremost, ask yourself the why. Why do you run? What do you get out of it? That’s a great place to start to help with your motivation. And then, maybe set some goals. They can be just very simple goals. How much do you wanna run that week? What do you wanna accomplish with it? And then, give yourself a reward. It can be something very simple like just giving yourself an hour of downtime, relaxation time. Maybe you go get a pedicure if you meet your goal.

Then again, like I talked about, vary your workout. Run in different places. Maybe, one day, you’re gonna run hills. Maybe, one day, you’re gonna run flat. Grab a partner. Join a group. Then, you could actually maybe change your…completely change your location of your run. You could go out, you know, somewhere where you haven’t been. Explore some new places. You have a partner or a group, that also helps you when you feel sluggish to get up and go because other people can help motivate you, and you them.

The other thing is, you want to vary that actual workout. So, don’t just do the same, you know, whatever, eight-minute pace mile for four miles every time you go run. Run some intervals, right, then do some endurance. You know, maybe you combine a strength, some strength training with your run, some movements like that. So, there’s a lot of different ways that you can keep yourself interested, changing up that workout so it doesn’t feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over again.

If you’re out there running and you’re feeling some discomfort or some pain with your run, then you can always call us here at AID and we can give you some advice, or you can come in for a discovery session. We can help fix, maybe, some of your mechanics and get you back on the road pain-free. That will certainly be more motivating if you’re not trying to battle pain. So, give us a call here at AID, 703-723-6758.

All right. Thank you for your time.

Susie Hansen, PTA

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