Hip Mobility Part 2

Hello. Susie Hanson here again, from AID Performance PT. And this is part two of the “Hip Mobility” series, the warm up and mobility for getting ready for your squatting or your running. So here’s part two.

So in part two, I’m gonna come hands and knees, I’m gonna do some hip circles. So keep your back neutral, that’s the biggest thing here. You’re gonna just take that leg out and around in a circle, just trying to get that hip moving. All right? Don’t let your hips jump off to the side and think that you have a whole bunch of more mobility than you do. So you’re gonna circle around. I usually go in both directions, about 10 each way. And obviously, you’re gonna switch off and do 10 on the other side as well. Just doing those circles. And then from there, I’m gonna go right into what you…if you do yoga, you’ll notice as you down dog pose, you’re gonna push those hips up towards the ceiling, really stretch it out. Again, I’m only holding these for three to five seconds. This is dynamic warm up. And then you’re gonna drop right into that up dog position, squeeze those glutes, press those hips into the floor. You’re gonna get a nice hip flexor stretch out of this as well, three to five seconds. I’m gonna switch back and forth, just like I do with my other stuff. Keeping it dynamic here, squeeze and press. Up dog, press up, down dog, press down.

All right. Join me for my next series, and I’ll show you the wrap up of Hip Mobility Number Three. Thank you for checking in, and we’ll see you in the next series.

Susie Hansen, PTA

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