Hip Mobility Part 1

Hi, My name is Susan Hansen, I am a Physical Therapist Assistant with AID Performance Physical Therapy. I am going to share with you part one of a 3-part series on hip mobility. This is great thing for if you are having trouble with your mobility if you are squatting. It is just a great way to warm up if you are doing a leg work out, squatting, dead lifts, things like that which require hip mobility. I am going to go ahead and get started. I will show you some of the things that I do to prepare myself for that or even if you are just a run you want to warm up those hips. Start with a nice tall sit, getting a little external rotation into those hips. You are going to sit up nice and tall without slumping over. You are going to put one foot in front of the other foot and ankle. Bend that leg in. Place elbow into the other knee and press it out. Just hold it. This is a dynamic movement, just hold it three to five seconds. Then switch and do the other side. Sit up nice and tall while pressing into that leg. Switch back and forth maybe doing ten of these on each side. From there you are going into a little more external rotation into a figure four or piriformis stretch again dynamic stretching. You are just going to hold for three to five seconds. You are going to switch back and forth and do ten on each side. From there feet go to the floor and activate the glutes by pressing into a bridge. You are going to get a counter stretch into those hip flexors. Which are tight a lot of times because we sit so much these days. You can do a double leg or make it more intense by doing a single leg. Holding for a couple seconds at the top. They are very dynamic. This will get you started into that warm up. This is part one of. We have 2 more parts to this series so do check back for the rest of the series. Thank you very much. We will see you for the next series.

Susie Hansen, PTA

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