JANUARY 30th, 2019

AIDPPT Health & Wellness Workshop

Chronic Inflammation: "The Silent Epidemic"

Antioxidants are your 1st Defense against Free Radicals. Why Supplementation Is Needed For Most? How do you know if you are truly healthy? Nothing is more frustrating than investing your time and money on keeping yourself healthy and not knowing if what you are doing is actually working! 


Andrew Dombek



Wednesday, January 30th


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Cost: $20 includes 6 mo. of scans, 6 Pillar Program, and Discovery Visit Voucher Value $250

Attendance is limited to 15 attendees!

Limited Seats Available


Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT

Andrew is no stranger to dealing with nutrition, weight loss and treating injuries or improving the health and wellness of those around him. As a result of his own injuries and health issues; Andrew has gained a keen insight, knowledge and empathy that most physical therapists lack. He now enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge on health and wellness, prevention and treatment of these very same issues he has overcome. In 2006, Andrew founded AID Performance Physical Therapy, a physical therapy, health and wellness center specializing in helping people make better decisions about their health

What People Are Saying

Teresa Smith

Ashburn, VA

"I started taking Lifepak for women almost two months ago and I am sad to say that I started in the light orange (13,000) and after one month on product my score jump to a darker shade of yellow (24,000)! I had more energy and I do not know how to put it but I felt healthier!"

Andrew Dombek

Ashburn, VA

"I know how can I give a testimonial well, I do not endorse products unless I have tried or use them myself and I went on the best combination of Lifepak, Lifelok and Vitality and I have to say I am impressed. My score jumped from 39,000 to 54,000 (50,000 is normal) and I feel better, more energy, and I have avoided getting hit hard by the bug that was going around in December!"

Seating is Limited

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