Foam Roll Your Aches & Pain Away in 2019

According to Harvard Medical School, “Foam rollers are ideal for soothing common sore spots like your calves, hamstrings, lower back, and IT bands, the fibrous tissue that runs from the hip to the knee along the outside of your legs. A roller glides over muscles much like a rolling pin to knead out knots, and it’s firm enough to apply sufficient pressure to release tension in deep spots. A foam rolling routine is a simple way to keep your muscles loose and healthy, so you can stay more mobile and active”. Foam rollers of all sorts are a great tool to have in your bag of knowledge to help decrease muscle soreness, aches, and tension. Rolling is quick, cheap, and can be performed before and/or after your activity.


  1. Iliotibial (IT) Bands
  2. Calves & Hamstrings
  3. Quadriceps
  4. Thoracic Spine


  1. Find your comfort zone. Foam rolling can become painful, so only roll as much as you can tolerate.
  2. Go Slow not fast. Focus on slow, controlled rolling to get the best benefits.
  3. Keep it short. 30-120 seconds is ideal, or until you feel the tension release.

Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

Owner and Founder at AID Performance Physical Therapy
Andrew Dombek is a nationally known Physical Therapist and founder of Northern Virginia's Leading Private Physical Therapy Specialist for athletes in their teens,30s, 40sand 50s, who want to keep healthy and active.

You might know Andrew from his early days working in downtown Washington D.C. where he was one of the former physical therapist for the finest athletes and performers in town performing at the Kennedy Center, in shows like Aida (The Timeless Love Story), The Producers, and the Washington Ballet.

Andrew (having been through many injuries throughout out his life), is a rare expert in understanding the psyche of returning to your sport after injury. Helping people stay active and giving back to his community are his passions. These characteristics have helped Andrew become an expert Physical Therapist and his Clinic to become the fastest growing PT clinic in Loudoun County.Over the last several yearshas become the premier physical therapy practice for runners in Northern, Virginia.Where the local running groups like the Ashburn Chapter of Mom's Run This Town as well as the high schools in his area like Broad Runand Briar Woods have retained AID Performance Physical Therapy for treating their runners and athletes.
Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

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