AID Performance Physical Therapy Presents: Hip Mobility for Squating


Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Matt, I’m a PT at AID Performance Physical Therapy. Today we’re gonna talk about squatting. A lotta people ask me how do I squat right? Can you look at my squat in the gym? And the big thing with squatting is your hip mobility, a lotta times people can’t get down into that deep squat because they don’t have the proper hip mobility.

One way to figure this out, get up against the wall. You wanna get your feet nice and wide. Knees over your feet, knees over the outside of your toes because that’s the proper knees over toes alignment, not in here like this over your big toe, not wide, and you can just feel this internal impingement here. And a lotta times with this internal impingement, you’ll get foot out, knee in, and [inaudible 00:00:50] your knee is right over your hip. The problem with this is it fixes this internal problem, but this is not proper form, you’re gonna cause a lotta medial knee pain [inaudible 00:01:00] trying to get down. So we wanna get in here and try to find that restriction right inside. And another way to figure that and deal with that, try to get that mobility, get up against the wall, get that squat position, now you have a better free range of motion, try to improve that joint capsule, that joint range of motion and the internal rotation. So you run through that and now you can get nice and low, knees over toes, outside your toes, okay, that’s proper alignment for your squat.

Another way of doing that, get a nice stool. Okay, foot on, foot straight, over your toe, knee over your toe, get into this position, and now you can work any angle of that joint capsule. Find where you’re most restrictive like here, perform a contract, relax, so you squeeze those hamstrings, quads, and glutes, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, hold, hold for about five seconds, and release. And work more into it. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, hold, hold and then you can work more into that joint range of motions so you get into that nice proper squat form. Do that for about two to three minutes and you’ll see a nice difference in your squat. All right, try that out, guys

Matthew DiFede, PT, DPT

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