“We treat athletes of all levels and abilities ages 30-50 who are sidelined because of an injury and help them return to their active lifestyles faster without the need for medication, injections or surgery.

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Rosemarie Rosemarie, Late 40s, Brambleton

I am a busy mother of two and a yoga instructor. I came to AID PPT for pre-op and post-op therapy and rehabilitation for my rotator cuff and bicep tendon. My goal was to return to full use of my shoulder in order to resume performing and teaching yoga without difficulty or pain. I chose AID PPT because of their reputation for comprehensive and professional physical therapy. I also appreciated each therapist used the latest knowledge and modalities for treatment. I received great care from Drew, Matt and Andrew. They exceeded my expectations! Consistent, reliable, friendly and professional care! I have recommended AID PPT to others because of my overwhelming positive care and the success of my recovery!

Justin Justin, Early 40s, Brambleton

I heard great things about Andrew and his staff. I play a lot of sports and wanted to make sure I got back to 100% to play basketball and other sports. They specialize in sports PT and have a great reputation. For my left knee I came in for PT before surgery and I am much further ahead (because of that) now coming out of surgery. I also had chronic neck pain  and was not able to look over my right shoulder, Andrew recommended that I should try dry needling.  It was amazing!  I was very sore afterwards but I was able to look over my right shoulder for the first time in 6 months. Since I started with AID my *Quality of life* has really improved. AID PPT exceeded my expectations and I would recommend this practice to anyone. Very professional and courteous staff who I am confident in their abilities to get me back to 100% for my knee and improve the quality of life with my neck!*

* Results may vary from person to person

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